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In the days since the fall of Aesium, Idora has become a dry and barren place. The Endless Sands are vast, and span the entire continent. Only on the far edge has civilization found its foothold.   Cities of great wealth surround the Great Bay, though they war and squabble amongst each other as surely as the rains come in spring. In the east, the prosperous lands of Lataia have shattered as ambitious merchant princes fight for scraps of territory stolen from their deposed king. To the west, the mysterious lands of Sazan, home of magic, sorcery, and mysteries beyond description. The emperor here withdraws to his secluded palace, taking no notice as his realm falls into chaos. Meanwhile Nomport, a small but ambitious city-state, threatens to disrupt the balance of power with newly-crafted magical artifacts.   Beyond this haven of civlization, there is only madness. Raiders, barbarians, and bloodthirsty fiends dwell in the wastes beyond the bay, but none of that compares to the real threat that lies within the Endless Sands. What secrets lie there? What treasures do they hold?

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The Southern Continent

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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The Ballad of the GOATs

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A ragtag group of adventurers shift the balance of civil wars and wreak havoc, all in the name of bringing home a single baby goat.

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