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Deildara is one of the Post-Rebirth cities of Ianua. It is an enormous stone and iron fortress. It is most known for its powerful military. The city itself has little to no exports/imports, and relies solely on the resources from its occupied areas, which is much of eastern Ianua. The city has a mandatory conscription for all able bodied citizens of mature age. Citizens start their training programs during adolescence, being drafted for one of their specializations: Medic, Archer, Warrior, Cannoneer and Scout. The teens are placed into specializations based on an entry test, which measures different abilities and natural talents.

If someone is disabled or otherwise unable to be drafted, they can work in the city's supply stores or other government regulated shops. They can also work taking care of the children of Deildara in large facilities within the city called Nurseries while their parents are away on missions.

Many have accused the city's government of being totalitarian, oppressive and often employing excessive violence and torture to keep its citizens in line.


Many people of almost all races. Mostly humans and dwarves. Also many halflings and elves, and half orcs.


City is run by the military, specifically the High General.


The city is surrounded by a 100 foot high wall that is patrolled by guards all hours of the day. The city itself is also crawling with guards and almost all of the citizens are trained soldiers.


The city is a stone fortress. It has high towers, thick walls, large colosseums and arenas, baracks, supply stores, and a large stockade that houses war prisoners and regular run-of-the-mill criminals.
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym

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