Ichor is purified destruction. Purified entropy, end given a physical form. Ichor rots and corrodes anything it touches, often leading to the creation of Rot or one of the other Aural illnesses. Ichor is used in magic to weaken and destabilize Aura, to allow easier manipulation of the Aura .  

I landed on the planet, and the first thing I saw were massive oceans of black, oily liquid. Ichor, through and through. And potent grade, too. I could make a selling on the black market, but my first thought was, how the hell was I going to get off this rock alive?
— An explorer recounting his tale of a crashlanding on a Rotworld

What is Ichor?

Ichor acts as a destabilizer, an agent that causes Auras and reality to break apart and come undone. It is one of the base Prime Elements, something so primal it exists in all of reality. After all, everything dies one day.

Where does Ichor come from?

Ichor is found heavily in The Low Realms, the Realms of the Nine that exist below all the others. Scholars believe it pools there, dripping from the High and Mid Realms to form in the Low Realms. Beyond that, its often found in places of high concentrations of Rot and Nullification, as well as places with a high concentration of unstable auras. Rotworlds and Nullworlds have an abundance of the substance.

I touched the pool of Ichor, and stumbled. It was my mistake, I could feel pain rip through my arm as I plunged it into the pool. It twisted and changed, and I could feel it become not myself. When I pulled it out, the arm was twisted and monstrous, and I… I’ve never been able to heal it.
— A partly Nulled soul

The Taboo of Ichor

Although Ichor is a natural part of reality, Ichor has a glaring problem. Exposure to Ichor, and unstable Auras in general, may cause a number of horrifying illnesses such as Rot, Nullification, and Possession. Because of this, many cultures have banned Ichor use altogether, and many others restrict it heavily.    

Uses in the Verse

Ichor, because of its taboo, often finds less use in the Verse than its creative cousin, Ether. Still, its used in many industrial projects as well as military applications, and has found interesting uses in medicine. Illict uses for it abound, however.

Uses in Society

Ichor has little use in Society, although cults often form around it. Many of these cults worship it as the blood of sleeping gods, or as primal forces deserving of godhood as much as any god would. These cults run deep and secret, and there are many forces trying to root them out and remove them.

Uses in Technology

Ichor has the most uses in technology. It often is used in small amounts to cause specific instabilities, changing auras in small ways that allow the technology to progress. Its dangerous nature tends to limit tech using it to places outside of civilian areas, but where it is used its often extremely important.

Uses in Military

Ichor’s use as a military weapon was banned by a joint council of some of the Verse’s top factions, but that doesn’t stop some militaries from using it to destroy and rend. Many places experiment with Ichor to create new weapons and creatures of war, and some even use it to blight areas. Still, Ichor use is dropping now that action is being taken against abusers.

Uses in Medicine

Ichor’s uses in medicine are less applicable than Ether’s, although its ability to cause unstable auras allows for some of the more strange healing magics to be easier to perform, as well as be able to destroy specific illnesses. But Ichor’s ability to harm means it must be carefully controlled, and is often banned except in very specific situations.

Uses in Crime

Ichor being a destabilizer has powerful and potent uses in crime, being able to melt through walls as well as destroy bodies. But the risks often outweigh the rewards, and criminals rarely want the risks. However, for the criminal organization the Dolls, they often will use Ichor to do their dirty work.

Banned Uses

In almost every civilization but the worst, wide spread use and exposure to Ichor is banned. Oftentimes, specific uses that are known to cause illnesses are banned as well, but this doesn’t stop shadowy figures and cults from exploiting Ichor for their own gain.

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The Low Realms

Ichor spreads across The Low Realms like it was water. It rains from the sky, creates pools and lakes and seas, and runs in thick rivers. Its often said Ichor is the lifeblood of the Low, and taking a step into those Realms shows that this is the case.  

Ichor and Ether, Anathema

Ichor and Ether have never mixed. Creation and Destruction cancel, and so do Ether and Ichor. When they touch, they sizzle and burn and melt each other away, whichever source is more potent surviving.  

Ichor and Rot

Ichor and Rot have always had a close relationship. Rot tends to form Ichor, and Ichor often forms Rot . Where one goes, the other follows, and the reason for this has been lost to time. Some cults whisper of Ichor being tainted by their lost god, and some of those in the know are prone to believe them.  

Ichor and Possession

Ichor has been used by cults for ages as a part of rituals to create Possessed and Bound , and for good reason. Damaging the stability of an Aura has always made a person easier to become possessed, and from there Soulbinding is a natural next step.  

Ichor and Nullification

Although Nullification is rarer than Rot, Ichor will still often lead to this illness. Ichor destabilizing Auras can easily lead to the mutations of Nullification , where a physical form warps and distorts to devastating results.

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