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Ghost ship hunter document

The ghost ship hunter document appears to be a page from a journal kept by one member of the first group of ghost ship hunters. It is written on paper and started a movement of people who followed the original ghost ship hunters and searched for ghost ships in other locations around the St Helena islands.   The writer is only ever mentioned once, in which they refer to themself as Hussain.   After 10 days the ghost ship hunters spotted a ghost ship and took supplies from it. The hunters then appear to have dissappeared after selling their supplies to people in Hawkes bay.   It is debated by some whether the document is falsified or not, however the then town of Hawkes Bay did experience a sudden bloom in infrastructure and population.


Record results of ghost hunting.

Document Structure


There are ten days recorded in the document.

Historical Details


The ghost ship hunters were a group of 5 people who traveled to Hawkes bay after a ship crashed off the coast. They hoped to spot another ship and salvage materials.


The document inspired many other groups to predict where ships might be spotted from and search for them.

Public Reaction

Most of the public were excited by the contents, as it proved that there may be a way to improve society to its pre-world war III state.
Journal, Personal
Signatories (Characters)

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28 May, 2019 13:57

Really liked them having to work on the farm and the tired/annoyed attitude of the writer.
The addition of self-censoring and correcting mistakes was also a nice touch!
Good job!

29 May, 2019 08:06

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