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Chompers are a giant mountain spider that has a carapace over the lower side of the abdomen curving up and out to form a shield over the backside. They have the supernatural ability to sense emotions and will run if someone is feeling intense fear or hostility in their vicinity. They are omnivorous, but prefer vegetation over meat. When they do eat meat, it is smaller animals.   They are ridden by the Big Men (Firbolg) as both transport across the mountains and as training for the young Big Men to control their emotions..

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The chomper's back armour is enough to stop most mundane weapons. It is sometimes used as armour, but the Big Man frown on that practice and will do their best to stop it.     They tend to live around 30 years, grow to perhaps 2-3 meters at the top of the head, and weight perhaps 600-800 pounds. Some have been known to weigh as much as a ton, but this is rare.

Genetics and Reproduction

They can only mate at most once per year, but it is not uncommon for wild Chompers to breed perhaps once every 4 or 5 years.

Growth Rate & Stages

They have a fairly long lifespan (about 30 years or more), and are hardy and large, so there are not many natural predators for them. They mature within the first 6 months and are capable of self-sufficiency at that time. They are oddly social, however, and tend to build larger communities for protection and ease of food gathering.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Chompers can sense emotion within a kilometer, and as such build remote homes in deep caves or high in the mountains away from other creatures. Their lairs usually require a 30 ft. climb (or leap) to get inside.
Conservation Status
The Big Men train and breed the Chompers in small farms.   As web spinners, they create beds up high in their lair to hide their young and any food they collect. They also use them as traps near the entrances or to block off lower openings that creatures might use to get to them.