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Anyone courageous, or foolish, enough to brave the frontier.


There is no official government in Crógacht. All land is privately owned, and all laws exist merely as common courtesy. While the Huntsmen's Guild has the greatest numbers and arguably the most regional power, the members are rather insular, never truly getting involved in the affairs of the village.


Heavily wooded surroundings with a short stone wall to the east and the Tiamat River to the north.


This frontier outpost keeps its head above water by trading exotic game, spices, and apothecary with the merchant caravans, all of which are collected from the Wilds. The village is also host to a constant flow of students and acolytes who wish to study the history and location. Many adventurers pass through chasing myths from the past and legends from the Wilds.


Aside from the ancient Sentry left behind after the Conquest, Crógacht is a simple village. Within its limits you'll find tanning and drying facilities for the game hunted in the Wilds, taverns and barracks for the passers by, stores and apothecaries, and the great hall of a very selective hunters guild.


The finest hunting, fishing, and trapping gear in all of Hjoldus can be found in Crógacht, as well as the products which they procure.

Guilds and Factions

The Huntsmen's Guild is the only permanently residing guild in the region, with greater numbers than any other local organization, and arguably the highest skill, wealth and regional power, they tend not to get involved in the affairs of the village, remaining very selective in their acceptance rate and insular in their practices. The Merchants Guild has a presence and established trade rout in the area, but no residency.


Nearly as soon as peace was declared with the inauguration of the Second Era, and the Marchers of the Order of Mitigation returned from the frontlines with tales from the Wilds, settlers began their trek to the frontier. Soon adventurers cam chasing fame and fortune, vagrants came looking for work as a last resort, talented hunters came for the exotic game, and merchants soon followed to claim their routs.


Many who study history, politics, apothecary, and magic come seeking knowledge, to study all the the frontier and the Sentry have to offer.


Timber and wood frame construction, modest craftsman stylings can be found in Crógacht.


Located on the rather high elevation Isthmus of Ød, Crógacht is nestled in the thick Deep Wood forest along the Tiamat River. To both the north and south steep cliffs overlook the seas.

Natural Resources

Fresh water, timber, exotic game, spices and apothecary.

Founding Date
Early Second Era
Alternative Name(s)
The Frontier
Outpost / Base
Location under
Isthmus of Ød
Included Locations

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