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Hive world Dathnor 40k

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The Hive-world was spared the punishment that befell its last planetary governor and his administration, but only just. Now the Astra Militarum have assumed command with its iron grip, they brought the emperors might down on this world and now they are here to stay. Determined to root out any lingering corruption that may yet hide in the shadows, legions of troops monitoring the planet with support from the Imperial Navy in orbit. All because of that damn governor.   Governor Egehart Starkhand felt that being in charge of the largest Hive-world in the Segmentum wasn't enough, so he decided to elevate the Underhive gangs and merge them with the planetary defense force. Then he went and armed the local pirates to make them is own fleet! Did he not think we wouldn't notice? The Astra Militarum has an extensive interlace network. By the time the governor had declared Independence the Astra Militarum had already rallied the Segmentum's Imperial Navy from Bakka. The pirates, upgraded as they were, didn't stand a chance and swiftly the ground forces were deployed. It only took a few hours after that to dismantle the gang ridden PDF and end the governor.   Because this was a monumentally foolish move by the governor I can only conclude that someone or something else convinced him of it. As Lord Commander of Segmentum Tempestus I will take direct control of our most important Hive-world to ensure the eradication of any and all heresy. As this is an important world for the Segmentum the Imperial navy fleet command will be relocated here as well, the inquisition need not worry about exterminatus.   -Action report: Lord Commander Valeria Hax 091.M42

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