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The world of Hitodama is steeped in a tradition. While the Emperor is the official ruler, it is the Shogun who is widely accepted as the actual leader. The Emperor and Shogun deal directly with the Daimyo - Governors of the 3 regions of Hitodama, who represent the Emperor and Shoguns wishes to the lower classes. While the Emperor is popular among the lower class as being a "man of the people", the Shogun is almost worshiped as a deity for the unrequited peace Hitodama has experienced since he was appointed.   30 years ago, Hitodama was undergoing a period of civil war, later referred to was the War of the 7 . There were 7 Daimyo at that time (each the leader of one of The Clans ) and the clan leaders decided it would be best for them to split off and create their own dynasty. The Emperor was a child then, and the ruling class thought it would be easy to take advantage of the situation. The Emperors regents, however, decided it was in the countries best interest to appoint a Shogun - someone to take charge of the remaining loyal Samurai to stomp out the insurrection. The Shogun was brutally effective - after 5 years he had quelled the rebellion, and after another 15 had completely secured the borders from monsters and other dangerous creatures that roamed the forests and other dark places. The last 10 years have been a period of blissful peace.   Hitodama is governed by a strict Feudal structure. The Emperor is at the top, with the Shogun directly beneath him (although most consider the Shogun to wield the actual power). Next is the 3 Daimyo, and below them the Nobility, then Samurai, and then others the Daimyo have on as their advisors. Finally is the largest group of people, made up of the peasants and artisans that are the lifeblood of the country. The Clans still exist but are not nearly as prevalent as they were before the war, and are more akin to a loose affiliation of martial artists spread throughout the land - many members of society follow the teachings of a clan.   Hitodama is an island nation, very rarely leaving their known boundaries. Shipwrights do not have the knowledge to make vessels that can explore the farthest reaches of the oceans, and are typically relegated to more shallow areas, or very quick expeditions to more deeper waters. Recently, travelers from a far away land have arrived at the shores of HItodama, missionaries preaching of a foreign God.

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