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The Otherworld is a realm pecked with wildlife and magical creatures and it's strongly connected to the continent of Treveri. Portals to it can be found just by walking the thickets or crossing a pond. Most of Treverians lost their connection and trust in the supernatural after ”the calamity” which took a third of the continent under the ocean. Inclosing themselves in their kingdoms living life under a Totalitarian regime of royalty who managed to fear the commons and the nobles alike into subordination.

Based on Irish mythology, The game empesis the conflict of Wild VS Logic, more than just Neature Vs men, its about the wildness in the heart of each player character vs the mind to act reasonably. By giving ‘hubs’ of stone and tyranny via cities and kingdoms filled with hate towards primal magic, when the players leave to the wilds, their sense of wonderment from the supernatural should be higtent.

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