Hexerei, the Three Witches of Würzburg - Malleus Maleficarum

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A war fated to endure for decades is smothering the Holy Roman Empire. The Coven rises! Blood drenches the cromlechs, and litanies call for the Devil’s boon. They are answered! Three Witches rise, three Witches to be vanquished and save the world from the End.


Witch Hunters are gathered, to fight the good fight, four of them against the forces of Hell. We asked for knights in shining armour, but knaves and fanatics are all we are left with. And not a single blood drop to spare.


What is Hexerei?

Hexerei is a One vs All tabletop board game of combat and cooperative maneuvering, set in a broody, war-torn 17th century Germany in which monsters are real. Up to four players will play as Hunters tasked with finding and slaying the Three Witches of Würzburg before the opposing player-led Coven completes the Ritual. You'll find a more extensive explanation of the game here, or you can jump immediately to an explanation about player roles: the Coven or the Witch Hunters

What is this site?

This Malleus Maleficarum is an encyclopedia of fluff, rules and fiction regarding the world of Hexerei! For a tabletop strategy board game, Hexerei is really steeped in a dark, horrorific ambience which is no mere pretext. We love the legends and the folklore that inspired us, and strove to the utmost to develop and mantain a consistent background. Even if it is not needed to play the game, we know the lore is there, and there would be no Hexerei without the Thirty Years War and the creepy legends of its times. It was easy to believe the world was ending back then, and in the game, this assumption is real.

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