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What is Heratis & Updates  
  Terra is a vast, teeming world, filled to the brim with incredible creatures and life. It is set in a post-apocalyptic time, following the events of The Cataclysm. The majority of humans were wiped out by a mysterious energy surge that engulfed the planet. Those remaining were mutated, gaining the abilities of the elements, and changing their forms into a hybrid of human and creature.   Now, on a small, remote island by the name of Darkfall Isle, lie small communities of fusions and creatures alike. Sheltered and protected by a deity shrouded in darkness and mystery, they fight to survive the wilds and the ever-threatening fog that envelops their towns at nightfall. In return for his protection, the inhabitants scour the island for rare treasures and artifacts to offer their guardian.   Meanwhile, the human hybrids plot the destruction of the fusions and are on a constant hunt for them. Prejudice and malice run abound in their midst, intensified by their earth deity, who also wishes for the 'abominations' to be annihilated from the face of the planet.