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Hellscape is a world that has always been plagued by conflict. It is filled with various intelligent beings, some more naturally gifted with magic than others. First they warred for control of the land and their own existence. Then they fought for resources as the world seemed to fall into one last eternal night. Some brave members sought to unite under peace, so that they might share their resources, after all there was never more than a few hundred thousand people in the world.   This kept them going for a while, but still their drought grew even worse and was just about to snuff them out when one man saved them. A researcher of the arcana had managed to extract energy from, well from nothing... He took energy from chaos itself. The drought was over. They would never suffer lack again. The researcher became a hero, an idol. They celebrated him and drank themselves into oblivion on the fruits of his achievements.   It was nothing short of a miracle what he had done. That's what they thought... but then out of that star starved night the demons of chaos were born...   *********************************************************************************************************   There are two worlds that first became entangled. The fundamental laws of physics were tuned close enough that comprehensible life could emerge from the chaos, though in radically different forms. One was our world as we know it and the other was one where what can only be described as magic was possible.   The magic world figured out how to exchange material with our world which would subsequently break down, giving off free energy. However, because the magic world was unaware of other universes, they thought their world drifted in an ocean of chaos alone, they took energy greedily, heedless of the doom they were rushing into.   In retaliation our world quickly made progress in inter universal physics, but eventually hit a problem. We could project our psyche's into a physical manifestation in the other world, but could not physically transfer materials. We waged endless attacks on the other world to sabotage, to destroy their facilities for stealing our energy, but without success. Our doom grew ever closer, too close, we were almost without hope. But then, one young man stepped up to try something different...

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