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Cear's Siegetime Address

Please, please! Be calm. I know you are scared. I'm scared to, as strange as that is for me to say. But what's coming isn't something we can face if we are divided. So I think its time you knew what exactly you're facing.   There's no way to put it nicely, so I will just say it.   A ðyrs is coming.   Potentially one worse than anything any of us have seen or faced, or even heard of. Its being sent by people who want this whole place gone.   We aren't from around here, but we're going to do everything in our power to make sure everyone survives this. We're working on a weapon, and Svali here has killed these creatures before, many times.   Moz, the Architect, has returned to ensure the safety of yet another town he touched long ago. Vela, an oracle, no, the Oracle, will foretell our path to victory. Sunny is an avatar of the very bones of the world, and he will surge our vitality. Sindri Frelsbinda, captain of the Freedom's Gale, warrior and leader, will lend our cause her blade and her warriors.   Our power is great, but we will need all of you to lend us your strength, lend us your aid. If all of us do all we can, there's a chance we can survive this.   ~ A snippet of Cear's speech


During the harbinger storm leading up to the ðyrs attack on Arísert, Captain Doltheid of the militia attempted to instigate a storming of the Ísgæta. Cear rose himself up on a platform of ice and began to address the crowd to diffuse the situation by cluing everyone into what was happening.
Decree, Governmental
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth

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