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Ísspetal (Eess petal)

A small uncommon flower found only where there is common snow fall, the ísspetal is a mildly potent alchemical reagent if it can be properly harvested. Those living in Arísert have used it for cooling ointments for decades, able to find it abundantly in the Frigid Riverlands around them.

Basic Information


The ísspetal is a small flowering plant, typically growing no more than two feet tall, with one stem and clusters of buds all the way up the slightly leaning stem. They grow in small clusters of two to three, and clusters generally grow no less than fifty feet apart. The stem is white when exposed to air but a deep blue when submerged in fresh snow fall. The flowers bloom a luminescent cyan, and fade to a dim blue green when they dry. Once they have bloomed, if they stay in snow for too long, they will detached from the stem and the magical potential will disperse as they propel themselves to seed further.

Biological Traits

Ísspetal is a small plant, only flowering in fresh snow. When there is a snow fall, ísspetal will form crystalline structures in the snow in which a flower blooms, soaking up light refracted around the crystal. This flower is useful for alchemical implementations if collected while the snow is fresh. If not collected, the magical potential is wasted. When collected, they must immediately be dried over a low flame or they will swiftly rot and their magical potential will be wasted.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

If properly dried, treated, and prepared, the ísspetal flowers are capable of providing significant elemental potential aligned with Svell. Offensive or defensive, the flowers can lend their icy essence either way. If crushed and mixed with additional reagents, it could even be used in crafting runes for application to weapons and armor. In such use applications, large quantities of ísspetal would be required, as it reduces significantly when processed.
1 - 2 months
Average Height
1 - 2 feet

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Brrr. I love that the plant absorbs the essence of the cold.

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