National Research Party

A single act, like a stone dropping into a lake, created ripples that changed the face of the continent.

The National Research Party (NRP), a small right-wing political party from Switzerland, took it upon themselves to find a way to help their country rise to prominence. Faced with a lack of influence and a lack of funds they enacted a desperate plan. Over several months they kidnapped a number of prominent scientists and forced them by any means necessary to work on discovering something that would define the future landscape of Europe.

But gaining a technological edge was just the beginning. The outbreak of the first World War turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and allowed them to accrue an immense amount of wealth and influence amongst the nations scrambling for military dominance. Their engineers and scientists were lent out to other countries, infiltrating the political and economic landscape of Europe.

And just as they celebrated their victories abroad, so did they use their wealth to cement their position in their Swizz home country. Like a spider in the net they sit in the heart of Europe, proclaiming their country's neutrality and subservience to the larger powers that surround them. When in reality, they are the power behind every throne and army on the continent.

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One country, one mind, one goal!

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