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Everything will one day meet its end.
Everything will one day die.
One day nothing will exist.
But do not despair. For every moment, an experience made. For every experience, a memory made. For every memory, a story is told. And the stories told are what constitute us.
Stories give meaning to existence. They carry on legacies. They empower and inspire the ones who listen.
An ultimate act of defiance in the face of unavoidable, ever-encroaching oblivion, to give meaning to the meaningless.
  Fear. Hope. Life. Survival. Death.
  This is a world of stories.
A world told by a Creator who both embraces and defies Oblivion.
In the end, everyone and everything in this collection will meet its end; but it is the interlude I draw your attention towards.
The stories I tell.
The stories you tell.
The stories we all tell.
  Echoes amidst Hazel Ash.