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Haydoria is a continent ruled over by the Haydorian Empire. Haydor, the main stronghold and symbol of the peace of this nation is a walled city that spans roughly 640,000 acres. The outer wall, standing an impressive 60 feet high, protects the poorer areas, where farmers, merchants, and cheap accommodation exists. There is then a further inner wall which protects the wealthy business owners and riches. In the centre of the city is a castle where the King of Haydoria resides. Those who live outside the walls, either by choice or by income bracket are unfortunately often subject to monster attacks. In the history of The Walls, 2 monsters have ever breached: Gurak the Angler Daemon, who breached the city from the docks by transforming its size to swim through sewer vents at the botttom if the wall, killing 15 residents before vanishing and never to be seen again. The second was the Great Wyrm Vengeart, who partially breached the wall and killed 55 soldiers and 3346 civilians before being taken out by Cosmin Arksaw.