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Hidden Cliffs

A irregular formation of tall cliffs with regular deep horizontal holes stretching back hundreds of meters provides shelter for a small village of sheep herders and gatherers. The holes are arranged in a hexagonal grid with 0.5M thick walls between each. The villagers have occupied about sixteen of these tubes, or about 1/8 of the significantly deep ones. Some very shallow caves like this are found elsewhere, but here they are especially long and deep, with a gently sloping floor that curves downward toward the rear. Many of these have dirt or dried mud, rubble or even piles of bones littering these depressions. Archaeologists, geologists and other researchers have picked over these sites and many near ground level are cleaned out. Those higher up serve little purpose to men, and are mostly unexplored. The villagers have polished the floors of their home caves and utilize the depressed rear area for a sort of freshwater cistern, and have drilled holes between some of the upper levels to create multi-layer domiciles. There is a public inn in the third uppper level, accessible by a reedwork stairway, suspended from anchor points in the rocks above and a timber framework. The inn is quiet and moody, and there is a quiet music constantly playing various tunes from an elaborate mechanical jukebox which plays a music-box-like comb against a rolling barrel of pins. The machine costs 2c to change songs, but plays a constant assortment.


Beyond a field of deep gouges in the earth, in an area of dark grey stone is found this formation. The area experiences a mild wind but the soil quality is quite poor supporting only short grasses, small forbs and dwarf bushes. Many beautiful flowers however, find thier way into the cracks of the gloomy stone ground here.
Rock Formation

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