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Hvaarti Raiders


The Raiders are lead by an inherited Commander, namely the Scions of the Wintersun. Aside from that the Raiders are split into 5 companies, each led by a Captain. The first is nominally in control of the Wintersun themself but each inheritor of the title is of a different temperament they may not lead a company at all.

Public Agenda

Outwardly the Hvaarti Raiders assist whichever side is willing to pay them the most. They somewhat paradoxically seldom leave their wintry home on the southern tip of the Northern Continent. They explain this by replying requests for aid with messages entailing their employment by the other side of whatever conflict to stay out of the issue entirely.


Five Galleons replete with cannons and provisions, enough horses to mount two entire companies, the five companies that make up the Raiders, logistical personnel under the Quartermaster Ivar the Black.


The Hvaarti Raiders were established by the first Wintersun, Harald Icetooth, in the year 12 after he and his retainers were banished from the Suderland by the King of Men, Hrodur. Wintersun was one of the original Paladin host and rode into the Dark Below during their prsecution against the Old Tsae. It's rumored that he became seperated whilst beneath and came upon a lone Tsae Artisan. The Artisan imparted to him a secret the Old Tsae had desperately tried to keep hidden. Armed with this knowledge Harald went to meet with the King. Immediately after Harald was banished, all of his retainers and servants were taken with him and he fled into the North. Harald established the Raiders in response to the wildlife on the Northern Continent. Since most were inimical to Human life a rite of passage was instilled and this rite ddetermines the stature of the newly blooded mercenary. Following the First Wintersun's death, a brutal war was carried out between two of the Captains. The resolution of which is not recorded outside of their own records. Afterwards a test was divised to determine which Captain if any was suited to be the next Wintersun. They've continued their operations unabated until the present day.

Loss is inevitable.

Founding Date
Military, Mercenary Group
Alternative Names
The Winter Raiders, The Northern Barbarians, Burners of the South.
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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