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Drake Shot


Most people who have them are either very wealthy or hardcore adventurers. Difficulty in acquiring the Firestone stops mass adoption of the item.


Most blacksmiths can create these, but materials must always be provided

Brynhild Vanmussen
Access & Availability
This weapon is extremely scarce, most blacksmiths can create them with little trouble but acquiring enough Firestone to create a single Drake Shot requires killing an adult dragon capable of using fire breath.
Essentially a basic hammer system with a small amount of Firestone set into the strike face, and another chunk locked into the non-muzzle end of the barrel. Lead pellets are muzzle loaded. Once the trigger is pulled the hammer comes down and sparks the two chunks of Firestone together creating a high pressure explosion in the barrel and propelling the pellet out of the muzzle.
During the deconstruction of a dragon carcass, an adventurers sword cut into a chunk of rock in the dragons gizzard and nearly killed her in an explosion. She managed to take what was left of it to an alchemist who dubbed it Firestone. Over time, and many iterations, a long-barreled ranged weapon was created using Firestone and Lead Pellets to take the place of bows and crossbows.

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