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Homeworld of the Dawn Blades

Wawridd is the homeworld of the Dawn Blades Chapter in M42.   It was brought to compliance during the Great Crusade by the Ultramarines 131st Company, commanded by Legate Caesaron Ivocatus. 22-71, as the world was initially designated, was inhabited by a native xenos race known as the Hadian Collective, who lived in vast enclosed warren-domes, untouched by the sunlight. It was unknown how long the race had lived on 22-71, but they had all adapted to their colonies well, with light-sensitive eyes and milky-pale skin. Following their brutal attack on the first explorator group that investigated the void-shielded warren-domes, the Ultramarines waged a long war in the cramped tunnels of the Hadian Collective that lasted years. Over the course of the war, the world became known as Hollonest.   In the final stages of the war, with the Hadian Collective throwing all their might at the surrounded 131st, Legate Ivocatus sprung his final gambit. Meltabombs placed with meticulous precision denotated simultaneously, blowing a great hole in the ceiling of the warren-dome, exposing the vulnerable xenos to Hollonest's bright sun. With the bulk of the Hadian Collective paralysed by the sudden daybreak, the 131st were finally able to push back and annihilate the xenos infestation.   During the Horus Heresy and the Scouring, Hollonest became home to new human settlers, and was used as a strategic base of operations by the 131st Company, until the 3rd Founding, when the now-decimated force was recalled back to Macragge to rejoin the Ultramarines Chapter. The Ultramarines left Hollonest in the hands of it's human population. Over several centuries, the native population began to stop using the Gothic name of Hollonest, and instead, knew their homeworld as Wawridd.   Wawridd went largely unnoticed in the larger Imperium, until M41 and Great Rift. During this time, when the Halicon Salient was heavily invaded, Wawridd's strategic importance in the sector was vital for the co-ordination of passing men and materiel. Soon, it was directly under threat itself. However, the world would be denied, by the arrival of Roboute Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade. Over 1000 Greyshields deployed on Wawridd, blunting the invasion attempt, and beginning to push the invaders back to the edges of the Salient. Eventually, these Greyshields would form into a Chapter of their own, and Guilliman granted them Wawridd as a homeworld for their Fortress-Monastery. In honour of the 131st Company who liberated Wawridd during the Great Crusade, and of their commander, Hadris Aurelius, the Greyshields used the epithet the Ultramarines received after conquering the world - the Dawn Blades.   Wawridd has remained in Imperial hands since, but rising conflict in the Salient threatens even the homeworld of the Dawn Blades.
Alternative Name(s)
Twenty-Two Seventy-One, Hollonest
Included Organizations
Owning Organization

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