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Rises again and again

Dawn is a relic power sword, first wielded by Caesaron Ivocatus.   Starting life as the sword of a lost human civilisation, the blade that was to become Dawn proved to be nearly fatal for it's future bearer. During the Battle of ---, Ivocatus was wounded by the perfectly balanced and supernaturally strong weapon, though not before he could slay the bearer of the sword with the shards of his own. Recovering from the battle, Ivocatus bade the Legion's Techmarines to bind the blade of the weapon that nearly slew him to the hilt of Ivocatus' old weapon. As the sun rose over the newly-conquered planet, Ivocatus named his new sword.   At the Betrayal of Calth, Dawn performed exceptionally well against the daemonic threats that assaulted the 131st Company.   When Ivocatus was killed during the First Battle of Grimdi, Dawn was lost with his remains. However, during the Crusade of Fury, Black Templars forces led by Lord-Marshal Karak recovered the sword. Acting-Captain Hadris Aurelius swore to earn the right to carry the blade for the Ultramarines Chapter, and killed the Ork Warlord Skullkrusha as his deed. Impressed by the young Ultramarine, Karak gave Dawn to Aurelius.   During the Third Battle on Grimdi , against the ascended Archarus, Dawn proved invaluable against the Daemon Prince, aiding Aurelius in banishing the fleshmetal abomination to the Warp. When Aurelius was taken by the Sorcerer, Dawn was lost with Aurelius, bringing shame to the Ultramarines.   When Aurelius emerged from the Warp, Dawn was recovered with him. The weapon was sanctified by the Ultramarines Chaplains, before being returned to Aurelius. Following the Indomitus Crusade and Aurelius' ascension to both Primaris and Chapter Master of the Dawn Blades, the relic blade remained in Aurelius' possession. The Chapter itself was named after the ancient relic wielded over 10,000 years ago, a fitting tribute to the lost Legate who defended the Halicon Salient with Dawn in his hands.
Current Holder
Hadris Aurelius
Owning Organization
Dawn Blades Chapter

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