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Giant Eagles of the Golden Eyrie

The great sky citadel known as the Golden Eyrie is a sight to behold, and while seeing it from the ground, or even from within is certainly something, seeing it from the air is an image most won't forget for the rest of their days. But, that's no easy feat, unless you're one of the resident Avian. Most folk who make their way to it's shining streets do so via airship, and the folk who run these trips recommend that non-essential passengers stay below deck after take-off. But, if you're a land-locked visitor to their city and are in need of fast transportation, you may be granted the honour of riding one of their Giant Eagles. They may not be as large as the tales from other lands might lead you to expect, but they're swift, and most of all, they're surprisingly safe to ride. But realistically, you'd have to be doing something quite special for the city for them to grant you the use of their proud beasts. Then again, such a sight might be worth all of the trouble that entails.

Basic Information


The Giant Eagles of the Golden Eyrie are slightly smaller than those found elsewhere in Gyrraholm, standing roughly 8 feet tall with a sixteen foot wingspan. They are primarily dark brown, with glittering gold on the inner wing and tail, and a similar golden colour on the back of the crown and nape.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Eyrie's Giant Eagles grow to full size with about 6 years, but are born at about the same size as a regular eagle. These eagles have particularly muscular backs and wings, allowing them to easily transport one (or on occasion, two) riders for hours at a time.

Ecology and Habitats

The Giant Eagle nests in the Golden Eyrie are constructed with large sticks, and, unlike those found in the wild, are lined with good quality linens to keep them in good spirits. The Eyrie being quite famed for it's fine materials means this is no great sacrifice, but the eagles appreciate it nonetheless.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The keepers at the Eyrie's nests feed the eagles a diet of rabbits and other small mammals, though on rare occasions when they can be acquired, they're given a treat of fish. When not regularly taken out on patrols, the eagles are allowed to fly freely for a time, where they will occasionally hunt to keep their skills sharp.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Giant Eagles bred at the Eyrie have exceptional eye sight, estimated to be eight times as effective as that of an average human. It's said that they can spot a single rabbit from around four miles away, handy when used to keep an eye of activities on the mainland (roughly 3 miles below). Otherwise, the Giant Eagles are capable of understanding most Common, as well as extensive Avian Al'am, the language of the Avian folk.
Scientific Name
Haliaeetus Gigas

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