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They call this land Guardian for its role in the people's lives. While the beings on the planet might try to hurt and kill, the earth itself is a savior, it is home and creator. Every good things comes from the ground, and it will always give shelter from the storm. It is their ingenuity and luck that will decide whether they will survive or not.   We may only hope you are one of the lucky ones that Guardian can protect. In this world, we must struggle with right and wrong, possible futures and damning pasts, appearance and illusion. The humanoids cross the land and kill every monster they see, not discriminating between weak or strong, young or old, tearing them apart with their hands for no other reason than their own hunger. Mindless. They can't even build cities, they only want, they only take, while the monsters with their grand buildings, remarkable skills, and complex cultures are crushed under the heel of those humanoids, slowly but inevitably.   Guardian can protect them, or it can dash them into the abyss. The fate of them all might rest on the shoulders of a few misfits that are out of their own time and place.