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One thousand years after a catastrophic flood reforms the face of the planet Gotera. Once, large sprawling continents covered nearly a third of the world's surface, now only scattered islands remain. Most creatures bound to dry land have become extinct, unable to adapt to the drastic changes. Those that survived cling tenaciously to what terra was left in the wake of destruction.

Nothing remains of the sentient races that lived on the surface. Those that lived beneath the waves are another story. While the flood was still a world-shattering event for those that lived in the seas, it was far from the destruction land dwellers experienced. Many people, or even entire cities, were displaced as waters rose. Most races had to flee toward the newly created shallows, their homes now too deep for survival. Those few races at home at the greatest depths probably saw the least disturbance, and that realm has become all but unknown to those that live in the shallows.

There is one beneficial side effect that came along with the flood. With the destruction wrought, most races had to focus on survival and had no time to plot or war with another. That peace has lasted for a thousand years...