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Introduction to The Mythonians and the Legendarians

The Mythonians and Legendarins believe in two gods. The dominant Religion, Known as the Mythonian, speaks of two holy gods; Verner the water god and Scimitar the Fire god. Are everlasting war broke out between the gods until one day they came at a standstill as their powers clashed creating Golocsea. The Mythos says they agreed to be civil unless one god steps over the line. Legendaries however believe that the gods lived in peace and that the wars were not of the gods doing but of the peoples. Extreme Mythonian Guilds will often to sacrifices in the name of whichever god they worship, whether their sacrifices include people or not is unknown. The Elite in the regions control the Mythonians, however, the Legendarians are accessible to all and are run by the ancient ones in Oshium.
Religious, Holy Order

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