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Solspiritus is the main deity of Venero, they are an embodiment of the galaxy themself. Solspiritus based the living creatures,Terra Detoran on light and galaxies.

Divine Domains

Sun,Light,Galaxy,Venero,Cosmos Tree,Sanctuary,Agriculture

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Cosmos Fruit with tree stick in front


Agrifestival: A summer festival in late May-early June.The festival celebrates the blessing of agriculture and harvest of food to come for the summer.During this time winter food can be found on sale for cheap.Spring is the shortest month on Blessing so the demand for food is high due to summer vacation.During the festival dancers will dance upon a stage set up near the farms and fields.There fresh vegetables,fruit and sometimes meat are set at booths in promotion for upcoming sales for businesses.Games and competitions are held and sometimes cash prizes are awarded.Most nights are completed with Detorans and human(tourist) watching a final dance.The festival is based around dancers who chant and dance to music in hoping Sol bestows a healthy harvest and growth of agriculture related. In the cities because of climate the festival is often in late June-August.   Comet’s Arrow: A holiday varying on location of the comet messenger and shaman, Firn. The holiday often represents love and loyalty.   Remembrance of Stars: Taken place in early to mid-summer and dedicated in remembrance to the victims of Detoran/Human War and Detoran Famine,to the parents who lost children,loved ones that lost a significant other or to pray for further luck for a current survivor.Lucky survivors and families often go to the shaman or chief of the town,village or local community center in a city to receive a painted marking "blessed" from further sickness.On this day a small white lantern is lit outside of everybody's home at the beginning of evening until midnight and traditional hymns are said.They are sung in hopes of Sol hearing them to awake the sleeping spirits of family passed on in forms of the universe.Some that can use Sanctuary use this to talk to family,Detoran living areas are often closed in human areas.

Divine Classification
Current Location
One yellow,one blue
Wavy nebula of purple,blue and white
Skin Tone
Black,blue and white overlayed with stars

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