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Global Union: Americas Divison

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The setting is a far distant future of the United States. Technology has advanced beyond what we have now, but the state of society has continued to decline. In an attempt to combat global warming and the growth of our sun, the global leaders have made the (selfish) decision to attempt moving our planets orbit further from the sun. Because of the dangers caused by shifting gravitational pull and space objects that now threaten the planet, the human race has moved into mega fortified bunkers underground. Most people never leave, however some people choose to risk their lives to continue their old way of life and live on the surface while others still choose to disobey the law and traverse between the two worlds.   Nikki Ryland, a young woman with important parents, is one of these rebels. Due to things she had heard at home, in Compound D-12, she has reason to believe that what the Union's leaders have been telling the masses may not be the whole truth. When her dad starts coming home less and less she becomes concerned and takes it upon herself to figure out just what it is that the Union has planned. Doing this, however, is not entirely legal. In fact, she has a hard time remembering exactly which laws she hasn't broken.