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GG’s Night Club prides itself as a hub of absolute debauchery. At first glance, it appears to be a combination strip show and night club. Beyond that unassumingly straightforward front, however, its multiple basements and upper floors serve a clientele with far more sinister tastes. Slave trade, murder, drug trafficking, torture, orgies, and other depraved acts are simply treated as good business conducted with those with more exotic interests.   Every ounce of that business, legal or not, is overseen by Anabaa, the demonic owner and operator of the club. Her staff is comprised of the souls that she’s acquired – each one of them trapped, willingly or not, by their contract with her. Some have found satisfaction of a sort in their servitude; others are frighteningly gleeful at the abuse she heaps upon them for her detached amusement (or whatever a client can offer that interests her at that moment.) Most, however, cope as best they can with a work environment as unpredictable and dangerous as it is sensual and indulgent.   The building itself exists outside of time and space; it can be found anywhere it is wanted, whenever it is needed. Chances are, if you’re looking for GG’s, you’ll find your way there – even if you don’t remember quite how, later on.   This allows the club to circumvent many of the laws, civil or physical, enforced in the realms it appears in, leaving the building as a space where characters from otherwise separate realities can meet and interact without repercussions. Time never seems to pass normally within the club, and a patron can easily spend days drinking in their share of pleasures without so much as a moment passing in their universe. Guests are welcome to stay as long as they like – provided they have the means to pay, one way or the other, for everything they enjoy.   [This introduction was written and edited by mukatkikaarn, who is a phenomenal writer and was kind enough to contribute her skills for this blurb.]