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The Old Ophir Catechism

While they are content with taking a more subtle role in the maintenance, there were several full eras in the history of Geode-Errets when Elyon's Children, the Immortals actively lived and worked together, making a life in the world much like the Mortal Peoples do. While less is known of the Kingdom of Ophir - a glistening kingdom that stretched for at least a full thousand years on the lost continent of Artos - than the Golden City, Ophir's legacy to the world, the Old Ophir Catechism, lives on as one of the centerpieces of every shrine, chapel and temple to Elyon on Geode-Errets.   The Catechism itself is most well known for the brief couplet that begins its treatise on the elements of the world
Light is the way of Things Revealed;
Darkness, the path of Things Concealed.
even though this portion of the text is somewhere in the middle, far after other matters of greater import.   The Catechism, also known as the Text or the Sacred Scriptures, is written in Common, though even expressly non-magical copies will adjust themselves physically to the native language of shrine or chapel that they are located in or delivered to, and begins with a slightly metaphorical account of our worlds beginning, wherein Elyon and his Children create a world of love, joy and the orderly freedom.   Written after the Mortal Rebellion to help Mortals better understand the nature and character of Elyon and his children, as well as to the nature of the world, its realms and its inhabitants, one could make the argument that the Catechism serves as a basic introduction to the world at large, and to Elyon's joy specifically.   The Immortals, being divinely precient thanks to their connection with Elyon and with each other, commissioned one of their own to compile and record the most important information that would help the mortal races in the coming times of upheaval, the not the least of which were the then-soon coming dragon and titan rebellions and the Bad Ol' Days of the gods' rebellions far after.
Text, Religious

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