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The world can be a mysterious mistress sometimes you think one thing will happen and then the world just says screw it. This is that kind of story, but not an unhappy one?? A man that had everything he could ever want, love, a great job, even a wonderful lover, is told that he will join the world of the dead in a matter of 4 years. Sad when a youth in the prime of life will be taken from this world, even sadder when he must lose it all for the hope that maybe just maybe he can make his mark on the world. Will Sean be able to leave this world a ray of hope leaving goodwill and happiness in his wake or will he be forced to drag down a whole town into the underworld with him? perhaps he will find a even greater ray of hope. After meeting a man named Dakara he finds a brand new mission in life, to make him love life just as he did, before he knew it was already over. He cant keep moping around for 1000 more years! Kicking this man out of the castle may not be easy but for the love of all that's holy he will learn that he can't be sad forever because forever is a very long time.