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Galea, once a world filled with bloody and horrid war, now its featuring a unprecedented stretch of peace that has lasted for nearly 100 years. Four main Contries make up the bulk of the land mass with small islands dotting the large oceans that separate each continent.   Adrea, the largest of the countries, is the Magical pioneers of Galea. The most recent Development of theirs is Electrum devices, such as carriages that move without animals, or Floating vessels that can travel over the ocean with out the use of sails. The geography and climate of this continent consists of vast mesas and rolling deserts, with boiling hot summers and bone chilling winters. The capital is named Oasis, coined by the large river and lake that resides there.   Ocrus Is the second largest country on Galea and is seen as the Watchdog of the planet, its also seen as the kindest and most inviting out of all. They were the leading force in the war against the Lunar colonists, as they had the biggest armies in all of Galea. They work closely with Adrea with Magical advances. The climate and geography what can be described as tropical, with pleasant beaches and humid weather.   Riothen is the third largest country on Galea and is the worlds provider of food. during the lunar war, Riothen was mostly destroyed by lunar forces, leaving many of its people starving. But in the following years of peace they began to slowly rebuild and began to export large amounts of food to the other three countries. The land here is incredibly fertile and has many rivers running through the vast grass fields.   Vopra is the smallest of the four and controls the riches mines in all of Galea. Its also home to the largest infromation hubs in the world. Many sages from Adrea come from Vopra and often trade Knowledge with each other. The largest mountain rages cover the fridged landscape, the land is covered in an ever present layer of permafrost.