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Galactic Escapades


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In the wake the most devastating conflict in human history, new technology has been discovered that is leading a new age of exploration and discovery for our species. Faster than light travel, artificial intelligence, and conquest of the cosmos lie in the future if humanity can survive the new challenges that await them.   Looming factions vying for personal power endanger the unity and governance of the single dominating political force simply known as the Empire. Once the government in charge of restoring Earth to health after a series of global catastrophes it has become an oligarchy of power-hungry politicians and military suppression of any who resist its control. People from around the solar system hopeful for new lives away from Imperial grasp flock to colonize new worlds. Some for the Empire and others for themselves.   Something out in the stars may yet unify humanity to meet as one when the discovery of extraterrestrial life is just around the corner. Species odd and familiar to those known on Earth, once the only source of life any human knew of, exist and their impact on culture, trade, and life itself will drastically change what it means to be human. The galaxy is bursting at the seams in the tales of the pioneers and explorers of this new galactic order.