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672 AW

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The second you step out of these walls, be on high alert. The world is unforgiving. It hates you.
  Gaizha is a world that doesn't know the meaning of "quiet". Since time immemorial, the world has been besieged by powerful and frequent natural disasters, from earthquakes as common as storms to everlasting hurricanes in the middle of the ocean. Chaotic and powerful magic is imbued into everything on Gaizha, from the smallest droplet of water to the largest beast.   Despite its overwhelming danger, humanity has managed to carve out an existence on Gaizha in small communities or city-states. Powerful kingdoms and empires are rare, and the few that exist are a force to be reckoned with indeed. Most of Gaizha is raw, untamed natural land with the forgotten remains of long lost peoples.   Grab a map, sharpen your sword, and get adventuring!