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864 AW

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Gaizha is a land of chaos and wonder, a world changed and warped by eons of massive natural activity. Giant earthquakes tear the land asunder almost daily, while massive storms wreck the coasts and the seas. Giant predators and elementals prowl the wild lands, seeking new prey, and powerful magic users call upon the forces of nature themselves to serve their whims   To live on Gaizha is to live the life of a hardened adventurer, always on the lookout for new wonders and dangerous that could appear right before your very eyes. Gaizha is a world of chaos and magic, and now you are welcome to explore it   Important notice: a year on Gaizha is 833 days, and each day is 15 hours long. So the ages of characters and dates might strike you as odd (such as a warlord being eleven years old), but rest assured that they are not actually biologically an eleven year old.