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Two hundred years since The Empire of Gaeria and the world is a mess. In the north, the Barok tribes are ravaging through The Flatlands taking big chunks of land and overextending themselves. In the free cities trade wars are a constant sight denying the population of the surrounding areas food. In the City of Reichengobel corruption is apparent in every corner and the members of The Regency Council holding on to their seats like a hungry hyena holding on to a corpse. And on top of all of that more, The Jewingaton Empire is watching at all times ready to strike...   The Empire of Gaeria fell for multiple reasons the most obvious of which is the Jewingaton invasion of the continent. But in fact, ever since the innovation of gunpowder the empire's power was slowly dwindling. From the increasing of autonomy in the different provinces, through the discovering of the New World and the various religious struggles, the central government in Reichengobel lost almost all her power and the Jewingaton Invasion was the last nail in the coffin.   After the first battle of the invasion at Ashington Castle was a tremendous failure for the Empire of Gaeria the various provinces, tribes, and kingdoms that made up the empire decided almost unanimously to rebel, after they deposed the reigning emperor Peter II (who later died under suspicious circumstances) the joint coalition turned against the Jewingatons and managed to hold them off at the city of Kryplensk. The coalition made peace with the Jewingatons but had to cease all of the east coast of the continent. After the invasion has been stopped the religious authorities protested the deposition of the Emperor because of his divine status. In the end, they decided to set up a regency in Reichengobel that will have power only over the capitol, and in case that the Peter II's heir shall appear before the council he will have control over all of Gearia after his coronation. Shortly after the decision was made the leaders of a number of countries untied into a secret organization called 'Baeth Kimov'. It's objective was to deny the Throne of Gaeria from the Emperor's heir. They vowed to assassinate anyone that will show up before the council and any heir that will have to much power.

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