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From Hamelin

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Modern day Earth year is 2020   The general premise of this story is that the public has become desensitized to school shootings. The government continues to ignore any evidence of climate change and it's potential hazards. People are increasingly more open and vocal with their derision and dismissal of the younger generations. Governments continue to threaten freedom on the internet.   A youtube video issuing an internet "call to arms" for young adults goes viral. Shortly after the viral youtube video, teens and young adults interaction with popular social media sites begins to drop drastically. Advertisers and investors take note and despite all of their best efforts, none of the social media platforms can determine why their subscribers have stopped producing or consuming content.   Schools and local news stations speculate but young people aren't speaking about it. No new platform has taken the viewership. Quietly an IRC chat channel is whispered about online in some tech and counter-culture forums. The community on this chat channel is exploding. Shortly thereafter, thousands of high school, middle school and college students all disappear from their homes and stop showing up to their classes, and their smartphones go unanswered.   What is being discussed on this channel? Who is running it? Why has there been this mass exodus from the most prolific social media platforms? What has happened to all of these young people?