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Fractured Realm

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This adventure takes place in the Fractured Realm. A Realm that consists of Sorcery and Combat. Through the air is weaved a mystical thread known to all spell casters as 'mana', this thread, used as it will, is the foundation of life. Everything that we can observe has mana somehow weaved into it, making the possibilities of magic endless, this however, translates into everything. Classical Weapons tend to have properties stronger than that of other Realms, giving their wielders a greater advantage. A duel between a Wizard and a Knight can never be determined until one side has fallen. This was the premise society was built on, choosing the strong to rule. Eventually, gathering for a common cause, each society had come together, a first in history, to decide on a inter-mediator of peace. Each country had decided on the creation of guilds to oversee every country. Not too much is known about the power and extent of these guilds however. The known existing guilds are in summary, a Mages guild, a Merchants guild, and a Knights guild. However, the existence of a fourth, unknown guild is spread throughout the world, could the rumors be true?   Following the The Fracture the world no longer remained the same. The fracture seemingly happened out of nowhere and changed the world as we know with it. Scholars had determined that The Fracture is proof that our dimension has collided with others. The consequences of this being seen throughout the lands, monsters of any kind roaming in the darkness, humanoid races popping out into existence, materials and weapons that weren't there before, suddenly are. The effects are uncountable. However, that was 2000 years ago and today society has corrected itself. Races of all kind flourish under the Fractured Realm, with a multitude of countries being accepting, albeit not all. Unkown materials have been studied and are now used frequently world wide. The people of the Fractured Realm have discovered a sort of peace with the onslaught of monsters that came forward, stick to the cities and very well known roads and you wont be hurt, stray into the wilderness, and you have your own strength to protect you.