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Fractured Realm

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This adventure takes place in the Fractured Realm. A Realm that consists of Sorcery and Combat. Through the air is weaved a mystical thread known to all spell casters as 'mana', this thread, used as it will, is the foundation of life. Everything that we can observe has mana somehow weaved into it, making the possibilities of magic endless, this however, translates into everything. Classical Weapons tend to have properties stronger than that of other Realms, giving their wielders a greater advantage. A duel between a Wizard and a Knight can never be determined until one side has fallen. This was the premise society was built on, choosing the strong to rule. Eventually a make shift universal political system was built, relying on the use of Guilds. The roles of the government was left to 4 guilds. The Merchants Guild, a highly wealthy guild that deals in all matters economy wise of the Fractured Realm. The Mages Guild, a guild determined on the preservation and observation of all things magical. The Knights Guild, a guild sworn by oath to protect the people of the Fractured Realms. Lastly, The 'Shattered' Guild, a guild only for the highly skilled, their role is mainly unknown to most, other than the fact they are the most crucial guild, their tasks and activities pertaining a bit to the roles of the other guilds, and the Prosperity of the Fractured Realm.   The Known World- A term used by the inhabitants of the Fractured Realm to describe the land they have left after the rift. Legend has it that previously, before the great incident, that the lands were lush, endless, and plentiful. Forest ranges would span greater than the mountains we have now. Mountains would soar higher than the eye can see, piercing the heavens. Plains used to be endless and were very lush. Oceans spanning farther than the horizon can span, raging waves crashing against each other giving cover to the beings that lie underneath. Cities forming and buzzing with opportunity, town squares buzzing endlessly with species of all kinds, interacting and learning. However, the worst was soon to come, a Spacial Rift had opened. Silently, quieter than the breeze created by a drifting feather, the rift gained power, slowly gathering the mana around it, growing in size. Finally, the rift had gathered too much energy and teared, a hole in space itself appeared until it eventually tired itself out. By the time the Rift had subsided, the world was no longer the same.   After the events that occurred, Scholars from every guild scurried to find out what happened, and if it was reversible. As legend has it, a powerful, legendary artifact built by the strength of others had created the rift, a one in trillion chance, and yet it had happened. Legend says the artifact had perished along with most of the world after the rift, leaving behind only 5 heroes to regain its power. The only problem with that was, its been 2000 long years and no signs of legendary heroes has been discovered. Until now...