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The Provector Mountain Troll

"Throughout this trip I've seen the unimaginable, a Mountain Troll. Somehow Provectus has kept their troll experiments a secret from outsiders. You may think I'm just a crazy woman babbling about mythical creatures, but I assure you, I'm speaking the truth. To transport themselves and their wares, merchants ride on a troll equipped with a stagecoach on its back. I guess I should elaborate on the troll before I talk about the coach. The Mountain trolls are covered in thick, white, fur and have beady little eyes. They don't really possess a face as it's covered in fur. The larger trolls clock in at about eight feet tall. Trolls have large, bare hands and feet that are calloused. They walk around on all fours normally, but they stand up on their hind legs when threatened. You may think of them as ugly brutes with the name trolls, but the opposite is true. They are peaceful creatures when not attacked and some are quite cute. The coaches hitched on their backs strain their muscles, leaving the trolls with severe back pain. Some of the merchants have trained their trolls to pick up items and fallen wares." - Edith Scourge (A Vindexian Spy)

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Mountain Troll's dietary habits remain mostly unknown as there isn't much available as food in the mountains. What is known is that troll consume Bombacio plants and store the substance in a gland next to their stomach. This is used to preserve the troll's body heat in the cold.

Additional Information


The trolls are bred in a quiet environment around humans. This is done so that the trolls are calm around people.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Trolls are normally used to transport merchants across the cities to sell their wares. Sometimes, the trolls are bought and then killed for their meat and fur.
25 years
Average Height
5'9" or 1.7 meters.

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