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Session 4

General Summary


  • I went back to town and ran into the party as they were leaving
  • I joined them and we travelled to Gnomengarde.
  • Found Knomes and Fibilstib en Dabledob might be able to help with something against the dragons.
  • Faktore is bit crazy, test inventions on creatures.
  • We encountered Faktore and her crossbow invention. Which we destroyed and which shot her into the roof.
  • Persuaded the guards and moved on
  • Manon able to bypass spinning trap with mage hand.
  • King Korbos gone mad, and took King Nerkule captive.
  • Fibilstib en Dabledob working on a cure for the mad king. But we suggested to help and see if we can cure the King if he is charmed or possessed.
  • Talked to the Gnome King and said there is shapechanger in the Throneroom and he was almost eaten by a 10foot rug.
  • Oren and Waren went missing/eaten.
  • 20 Gnomes in tunnels.
  • Went to the throneroom to see if we can see something.
  • Found a secret passage in the throneroom
  • Therens' Mastiff form found a scent that took us back past the waterfall into a keg storage room where we found a mimic.
  • We killed the Mimic.
  • Talked to the Kings and they gave us 2 magic items.
  • Also talked to Fibilstib en Dabledob who gave us 2 more magic items.
  • We headed back to Phandalin and camped halfway.
  • Went to Barthen's Provision and saw a new worker. Could not appraise the items.
  • Went to Harbin Wester's home to give 2 magic items.
  • Checked the bounty board at the Townmaster's hall. Found 3 more quests.

Rewards Granted

  • 4 Magic Items received.

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Went to Gnomengard and found 4 magic items. Turned in 2 items

Character(s) interacted with

  • Fibilstib en Dabledob (Gnomes) workshop in Gnomengard.
  • Faktore (female Gnome) mad inventor in Gnomengard.
  • King Korbos and King Nerkule are the Gnomengard kings.
  • Thistle works at Barthen's Provision.
Report Date
23 Jul 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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