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Bruenor Holderhek

Oath of Vengence

  • Vision: I had a vision of a star to the south hanging over the mountain with Tyr walking in that direction.
  • So I followed in his footsteps and found the abandoned Temple.
  • Location: Near the mountains to the south west of Phandalin, I found an abandoned temple of Tyr where I took my oath of Vengeance.
  • Evil Enemies I have in my sights:
  1. Malkis Dalmiu Armsthorn
  2. White Dragon near Phandalin
  • Oath: "The footsteps of the blessed knight are harried at all times, By the temptations of sin And the claws of malevolence. Honor to the name of he who places himself As a shield between his brethren and the forces of evil, For he shall enter the halls of light And be exalted as sentinel for all God’s children. Until the hour of his glorification, He shall go forthrightly into the serpent’s den, Wielding the blade of heaven. And the demon will know the terror of his own wickedness, When destruction rains upon him from above. You have poisoned the hearts and minds of numberless innocents, and twisted them into slaves of iniquity. Now you shall cry out in lament as vengeance falls upon your own head. The fury of God is a wave that splits the earth asunder. The justice of Tyr burns hotter than any flame. For every harm you inflicted upon my people, I shall visit vengeance upon you tenfold. Death to the hellspawn! Abyssal filth, be undone! Now I send you into oblivion! Angelic blade, strike this corruption from the world! I send you back to the Creator to be judged! Vengeance will be brought down on my unjust enemies."

Wererat curse
Biological Sex

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