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The Starspire

The Starspire is a massive, naturally-formed pinnacle of rock that stretches extremely high above sea level. By all accounts, is has always been there - some claiming it was created by the gods before any intelligent life evolved, where others claim that it was crafted by a precursor race that happened to stumble upon Folterra in its infancy. Despite the myths, scientists from the Arlyian Research Institute of Developmental Sciences are absolutely stumped as to what could have created it.

Purpose / Function

Not many are sure why the Starspire exists. In the past, the Drakkon (primarily the blue Drakkon) worshiped the structure, believing that it was their tie to the gods that helped them evolve to their current form. Other than this, there is still no known purpose to the stone structure. ARIDS scientists have discovered deep inside the stone, a massive line of hyper-rich telaurium crystals span from the peak to deep inside the earth. This is especially odd, given the ley-drained nature of the island, though the Drakkon claim that this was not always the case.


Natural erosion has withered away the peak of the Starspire, and some mining crews from the human settlements of Plenn have damaged the base of the Spire. However, because of ARIDS recent involvement, the mining has halted in an attempt to completely preserve the natural wonder. Though they have kept damage to a minimal since then, they have created camps in the valleys nearby that do add to some amount of pollutants to the nearby area.


The Starspire is roughly a two and a half mile-high pinnacle of rock that resides within the center of Plenn, in the Soral mountains. Despite it's height, it has very little width comparatively to the other mountains adjacent to it, only being about two hundred feet wide. In the past, the blue Drakkon once adorned the Spire with handcrafted jewelry, paints, trophies, and other trinkets before their near-extinction. They were the only known species to do so, given their ability to fly.


The earliest known records of any race coming into contact with the Starspire are stone carvings in nearby caverns from the Drakkon, dating back over four thousand years ago. Most of them depict their kind meeting with some kind of other beings, advancing them from some other form. For millennia, they would be the only known race to interact with it, until some humans settled the island of Plenn, and created the city of New Bastion (1003AV). Documents recovered from the city show that there efforts mounted in an attempt to study the Spire, but most ended in failure - either due to attacks from the zealous Drakkon, or from under-preparing the trip's length and difficulty.
Alternative Names
The Godstone, Plenn's Finger, the Spire
Natural Wonder

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