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Silkweed is a plant that grows in subtropical environments, which has a thick, wooded and thorned exterior. When it produces a seed, it encapsulates each seed in a dense silk-like web, much like cotton. Unlike cotton however, silkweed strands are much more durable, almost similarly durable to spiderwebs. In addition to this durability, silkweed is an excellent insulator, almost on par with wool, yet much more lightweight than wool.


Material Characteristics

Silkweed strands are a glossy, light brown stringy bundle that grow on an "arm", or a branch that has a cupped end where the seeds grow, of a silkweed plant. The exterior of the silkweed plant is a dark brown with several thick spines, and one large flower at the top of the plant that is commonly a dark reddish-purple. Each plant can grow up to four feet tall, and can have up to twelve arms, each with their own flowers that are different colors from the main, larger flower at the top of the plant.

Physical & Chemical Properties

These silk strands are very durable and flexible. Not only that, but they insulate well, keeping in temperatures that you want, while keeping out ones you don't.


The roots of the silkweed plant contain a milky substance that is often used as an antiseptic or anti-inflammatory ointment.

Geology & Geography

Silkweed plants grow in subtropical areas, such as; Arcadia, some islands of Arlyia, Iolas, Aldren, Ilysia, and Irongate. Most commonly these plants are cultivated in Ilysia and Irongate in the current era.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Silkweed strands are used in several types of clothing. Beyond that, they have been used for a range of things: from parachutes and sails, to upholstery and curtains.


While there are little to no hazards harvesting this plant, should one decide to catch fire to the entirety of it, the smoke can cause extreme irritation in the eyes, possibly resulting in blindness if one does not take proper precautions.

Environmental Impact

Silkweed plants themselves are a fairly invasive species. While this can be a boon for some areas, it can quickly choke out and kill other plant species.



Bolts of refined fibers are stored in bolts, much like other fabrics.
One yard of silkweed fibers costs, on average, about 5 Caleran gold coins (~$10USD).
A pungent floral odor emanates from the flowers of the plant. The silken strands that coat the seeds have no scent.
Light brown / tan
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