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Flumen Labrum

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Flumen Labrum is the home world of Angels de Mari chapter of Space Marines, a sucessor chapter of the Blood Angels created during the 15th Founding. Flumen Labrum is located in the Sanguine Subsector of the Gothic Sector in the Imperium Nihilus.   The local population offers criminals to the Angels De Mari as sacrifices to the God Emperor. Those sacrifices are used to sate the thirst of brothers who have fallen to the Red Thirst.Chapter's Fortress Monestary is built into the crust of the planet under an ancient star-fort once used to control sealanes from the island it sits on.   The top natural predators of Flumen Labrum are a plethora of crocadillian species, the largest breed typically weighing around 3000lbs, and measuring 10m from snout to tip of tail these live in the blue water seas feasting on nearly everything swimming in the water. They have short legs with broad feet with wide set webbed toes. smaller but no less vicious are a breed of long legged beasts, standing 1.5m from ground to shoulders, and 4m from snout to tail and normally weighing around 1100lbs.   such creatures often easily shrug off attacks from lighter man portable weapons, though flamers have proven very effective at bypassing their thick almost armor like plates that cover their heads and backs, otherwise anti-tank weapons are the most reliable methods of stopping one intent on attacking.

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