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Flantaadic is a planet situated in the borders of the galaxy Andromeda, discovered by humans in 2202 a.C. It's habitat to the species Guma Sapiens, but its canonical name is wer.   Flantaadic is made of 3 continents, they are Imre, Ifran, and Irun. Gravity exists in Flantaadic. The only way to produce electricity is by shocking two objects with symmetrical temperatures (e.g. 100F and -100F).   Main events:   1. The invention of slavery. This event killed billions of wers around Flantaadic.   2. The invention of religion. This event here happened at the start of Flantaadican History when wers didn't have much information to think about evolution and the outer space.   3. The Bharga Plague. The Bharga plague killed more people than slavery, because of the lack of medication in the time it happened.   4. The Wer-Human War. It happened in the year 2252, when humans, as expected, tried to dominate the planet. But the wers had a secret arsenal of, not nuclear, but muscularis weapons. A muscularis weapon has the double power of a nuke, and its impact zone can be adjusted from on single city, to an entire galaxy! So, the wers got one single muscularis and throw in Pluto, destroying it completely. The humans perceived that it was better to back off, and so they did, making a treaty with the wers of never entering Andromeda Galaxy again.

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