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Long before the age of man, a great meteor struck Fissura's surface spreading its sickly, horrific influence and corrupting the continent of Shimal forever. Shielded from its haze, mankind prospered on the continent of Mantel. They built great cities, discovered new technologies and waged war the only way humans know how but mankind still hungered for more and so they set their sights on Shimal, eager to wage their wars, conquer new lands and discover new treasures never before seen. This was their folly.   Countless armies plunged into Shimal, warriors of great strength, hunters of unimaginable skill, and intellectuals of unmatched wit were all devoured by Shimal's great jaws. The few soldiers who returned, the unlucky few who were still of sound mind warned of great beasts, harsh environments and terrible diseases the liked of which Mantel had never known. And all of humanity shuddered, shielding their eyes from Shimal's haze until the day the Mad King Gilgamesh returned from those dark shores. Wielding strange powers and smiling wide, he scolded humanity for their cowardice and declared himself the first true conqueror.   Spurred on by this, humanity declared that each generation shall have their chance to plunder this Dark World and of each generation only a few returned as Conquerors, bolder and brighter than before. But none had been bold enough to seek the true nature of Shimal's corruption until Dr. Darwin Finch dove headfirst into Shimal, jet-pack at hand and crew in tow. His journal, the only record of his exploits, was returned and accosted by pirates, landing in the hands of our young protagonist. Will he and his comrades be able to discover the truth of Shimal?

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