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Lai'na Starbit

Cha'riv Lai'na Alia'nora Starbit

Lai'na is best known as the founder of The Portal Exchange, bringing Portal Travel into common usage by the general populace. She was a naturally attuned wizard with a loving heart, adept at navigating politics when necessary but intent on staying out of them as much as possible. These traits allowed her to achieve her visions for The Exchange and ultimately earn the Rol'nara title of Cha'riv, although due to her constant self doubt of her own contributions she never truly felt she deserved the honor.   The anniversary of her death is a plane-wide holiday on Rol'na, typically celebrated with traditional funerary parades and parties.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Lai'na was naturally magically attuned, excelling particularly with Portal magic and magical machines.

Mental characteristics


Once her magical talents became apparent, a local Follower of the Hidden Flame took her under his wing for tutelage, sending a request to his order for a more experienced mage to continue her training when she eventually surpassed him. She continued her training as an apprentice to a Seeker, traveling Fillimet before eventually settling back down in Rol'na after founding The Portal Exchange.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lai'na is best known for her work in founding The Portal Exchange which made Portal Travel more readily accessible to the average individual. Her work with the Exchange and her efforts in reshaping the lives of the Rol'nara earned her the honorary title of Cha'riv. She also helped tutor many with natural magical talents throughout her travels.

Failures & Embarrassments

As skilled as she was in her professional life, Lai'na was not well equipped to navigate the potential pitfalls of social life, especially when seeking a life partner. She did eventually marry, but not without experiencing a large collection of heartbreak and personal loss from several suitors who were more interested in her funds and the prestige of her association, rather than Lai'na herself.

Morality & Philosophy

Lai'na was raised with the strong sense of family and community common to the Rol'nara, and with that a stronger sense of morality of helping those around her. As a result it was no surprised she became such an avid Follower of the Hidden Flame.

Personality Characteristics


Lai'na was driven by a desire to leave the world and its planes a better place than when she found them. This led to many of her successes in life, from her life as a Seeker of the Hidden Flame to her founding of The Portal Exchange.   She also had a darker need, a hunger for people to love her. This was largely a result of her upbringing and a major component of the self-doubt that would plague her for her entire life. She hid it fairly well from most, but her closest circle were accustomed to providing periodic reinforcement, especially when she was making difficult decisions. Some lesser individuals would also use this insecurity against her to their own benefit.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Lai'na was very skilled at portal magic and the creation and usage of magical machines.
She was not skilled at identifying people who were interested in taking advantage of her.


Family Ties

She was very closely tied to her local community, although she did have a strained relationship with some members of her immediate family.

Religious Views

A Singing Faithful of the Three Songs, Lai'na believed in the balance in life between the absolute of permanence, the whims of change, and the impact of emotions and beliefs on it all. She was also a Follower of the Hidden Flame, using her magical gifts to better the lives of those around her, and even spending several years as a Seeker before settling back down in Rol'na to better the lives of her own people.

Social Aptitude

Lai'na was raised to use her talents to care for the less fortunate around her. This would also cause her troubles, as this also led to some malicious individuals taking advantage of her kind heart. She was charismatic and courteous, and always had a kind thing to say, although she did find crowds exhausting and would periodically take breaks to re-center herself when forced to spend too much time in the company of others.

Hobbies & Pets

Lai'na kept a pet Dragonette named Clancy and her beloved Portal Horse No'lan. She enjoyed singing and writing poetry, and always regretted lacking the confidence to merge the two hobbies to write songs.


She was not always skilled in the art of brevity, and would occasionally talk longer than her audience was interested in listening. Being aware of this character flaw she put great efforts into correcting it.

Wealth & Financial state

Although her family was fairly well to do for her village she was raised to believe they were poor, leading to some confusions later in her life once her parents began spending closer to their means. While she always strove to assist the less fortunate, and she found herself in a reasonable financial position due to her own magical talents, she was also constantly nagged by a feeling that she did not possess enough herself and would soon find herself in financial distress due to the lessons of her parents. This was a burden known only to her closest friends.
Currently Held Titles
5521 CFE 5648 CFE 127 years old
Quotes & Catchphrases
"It's going to be okay. If it's not okay yet, we're just not done yet!"
Aligned Organization
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