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the 47th of the Rising season on the 1960th year.

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Fendellith, a magical, green, gargantuan tree covered landscape. Most denizens of the world live perched upon mountains and sprawled out on arid plains. few live upon the islands that float giving refuge from the world below. The forest that encapsulates the livable terrain is not an ordinary forest. Trees tower over one thousand feet tall like giants over a mouse. The habitat houses monstrosities that would tear any man asunder or make them go mad in a moments notice. Water is a scarcity, but metals are abundant on the lands. The woods, though a rumor, is infused with raw magic that erupts from vents deep within Fendellith. This forest has a tenancy to get deeper as one ventures out, much like earths oceans. all while the canopy remains at the same height. in winter time the canopy usually manages to freeze over. this allows for travelers to sled over the forest in relative safety. Most sane people use Airships as a main mode of transportation. Those that are foolhardy or brave enough travel on top of the canopy or on the forest floor by foot. There are rumors of a deep trench, one that holds an ancient ruin. Which is said to have many wild and wondrous treasures, enough to make any one person a king. Fendllith is very old presumed to be 375375 at least years old. 1960 years ago there was a great war between many nations. This resulted in a large barren scar upon the landscape in which many lives were lost. Some fear that a similar war may be brewing.