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Felth of Adeous

Esundas | Frosk 5th | Lilefa | 7404

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Felth, a post-apocalyptic world many centuries rebuilt, now largely covered in fungi, symbiotic corals & other organisms. A breathing world of constant motion heavily polluted by the evolved survivors of the devastating event that was intended to destroy the world.

Felth is one of four life-bearing planets in the Adeous Cluster and the second largest. Once possibly a thriving environ Felth now carries the stigma of being Adeaus' garbage heap, a fetid planet largely consisting of mold and rot, and all the associated refuse, societal or otherwise. Surrounded by a swathe of postapoc dead satellites, debris and ship wreckage it's clear from a distance that Felth isn't the most welcoming destination, often a fueling stop on the way to more 'safe' planets. Even Felth's clutter of moons, half destroyed, are an indication of the planets past strife.

Nevertheless, Felth's surface and water dwellers are thriving and many cultures both native and alien have found their own little home and niche here, the diversity of which has transformed Felth's landscapes and cityscapes like no other planet before.

The relatively recent discovery of Abhourite, a living substance that grows through cell division, has progressed Felthian technological advancement by leaps and bounds. It's effects on their semi-organic and symbiotic machines borderline 'magical' and have allowed Felthians to accomplish tasks that few dreamed of only a few short decades ago.

Unfortunately the poorly studied substance is only now starting to show the disturbing side-effects of long term exposure to both users and the environment.
NOTE : At the moment this world is like a sloppy notebook. It's rough, poorly edited, likely not even spellchecked and typed up in a rush between food service (I'm a full time cook). I spend time refining my notes as often as I'm able, but in the meantime if you run into anything clearly poorly written or coded be patient with me and please do come check back later!

Also check out the Heart! It has a countdown timer to when you can expect things to start looking more professional and infinitely sleeker.