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The of the Lady of the Condemned

  The lady of condemned is a greater demon and supposed common Ancestor to the Mindas family and many other Tieflings. Her religion endorses the practices of hedonism and chaos at an individual and group level.   While not officially worshiped post war the lady of condemned is the patron to many in sex work industry as well as Tieflings and performers.   Political and societal; implications   In the early stages of the Mindian society hedonism was often taken to mean pleasure from serving empire eg. Working hard towards a military, state or artistic goal for the gratification of oneself, and others receives upon completing it. This was interspersed with enthusiasm for traditional hedonistic practices such as sex, kink, orgies, wealth, acts of opulence and others.   Over time as the empire experienced little need to social, militarily or economically advance the original serving drive declined replaced instead by individuals who sought only immediate gratification leading to stagnation across all fronts of Midian society.   While most were satisfied with this, a sect of Midian’s denounced this stagnation and attempted to still promote acts of long-term service and reward but as time passed they grew fewer in number. The inefficiency of the belief system eventually would leave the Midian empire with a leadership system that bloated and self-centred incapable of decisive and strong leadership during the war allowing Urtherana’s forces to win serval derisive victories and move easily through enemy territory.   Post-civil war victory Urethrana per her agreement with the Church of the Carpenter outlawed the worship of the lady of the Condemned, leading to destruction of her effigies, art and religious places.   Fun fact: members of the imperial capital can still see the end of the moon and one hoofed leg sticking out of the local bay water where a statue of the Lady of condemned was torn down thirty years prior.

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