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Fated World


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The Fated Worlds is very similar to our own in regards to geography, cultures, currency, languages, etc. However here, magic has been a dominant part of society as long as history can record. Accounts of wizards and sorcerers dot the pages of history, and humans are not the only sentient species to walk the planet. Many creatures of many cultures exist in the world, living just as conspicuously as their human counterparts. They have no reason to hide their fangs or claws or scales or fur. Most children born into this world have an innate connection to a specific magic ability - call it a superpower if you will. It's very rare to have someone with no special abilities or unique blood at all.   As well as the ever-present Magus Council that guards the five planes of existence, the world is ruled by the Dragons. Five ancient beings of Red, Blue, White, Black, and Green have existed since the world was just being formed. They are the reason for the existence of magic in the form of Mana and Leylines. They are responsible for the creation of the Draconic Knights; noble and righteous warriors that have been chosen before they were born to protect humanity from darkness and chaos. A special bond ties the Knights together, stronger than any magic or abilities this world knows.